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Our committed experts handle even the most complex requirements and are backed by significant experience in multiple hazardous and explosive mediums.

The safety of our people, and yours, is of paramount importance to us too. We are committed to training and upskilling our staff and have an exemplary safety record.

Fuels & Explosives Capabilities

OFI has capabilities in the following key areas:

  • Classification, design, inspection and certification of electrical equipment for hazardous (explosive) areas.
  • Experience with hazardous and explosive mediums, including natural gas, diesel, petrol, oils, jet fuels, military explosives, mining explosives, gases, dusts, coal, grains, forestry products and more advanced chemical systems.
  • Knowledge in all process areas, including platforms, refineries, storage, loading and unloading, shipping, transport, ship loading and port facilities.
  • Significant experience in the detailed and accurate classification of hazardous areas and zones, including hazardous area compliance.

Talk to us

Contact us to discuss your project requirements. We provide end-to-end solutions for clients in the fuels and explosives sector, or our team can assist with one element of your supply chain.