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It is our policy to ensure that all OFI’s activities are performed in a manner that protects the environment we work in, as well as continuing to comply with our environmental systems, and all regulatory and industry requirements.

In conjunction with our Occupational Health and Safety Policy a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly work environment is fundamental to the success of our business operations.

OFI instils the highest environmental values in all employees and subcontractors, using the best environmental practices in all we do.

Powering Healthy Environments

We take all measures necessary to minimise our environmental impact by:

Continuing to improve and maintain an effective environmental management System in accordance with ISO 14001:2015.

Integrating environmental goals and sustainability considerations into our business decisions and processes.

Consulting, listening and responding openly to our clients, employees, subcontractors and the community.

Establishing realistic and measurable objectives and targets to measure environmental management and performance which ensures continual improvement aimed at minimising any adverse impacts on the environment.

Measuring and evaluating our environmental performance through regular audits, inspections and internal reporting.

Developing, implementing and continually improving systems and processes that ensure all employees and subcontractors protect the environment we work within.

Providing the necessary resources to establish and maintain safe and environmentally friendly systems of work.

Minimising the impact on the environment by considering energy efficient and renewable energy options first.

Ensuring the safe removal and reduction of waste by correctly disposing of waste materials and maximising recycling where possible.

Preventing incidents involving the storage, transport and handling of chemicals, fuels and oils used in all activities associated with company operations.

Providing appropriate instruction, information, training and supervision to ensure employees, and subcontractors perform their tasks safely, to minimise environmental impact.

Ensuring all plant or equipment used within our own premises or on a project site is regularly serviced and maintained so that it minimises environmental impact.

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