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Although we’re sure Peter Drucker wasn’t referring to level, flow, temperature, pressure or position, we are confident this concept is 100% correct. Whatever the process, success cannot be defined unless it can be measured and tracked.

OFI is backed by an advanced knowledge of instrumentation – for both cutting-edge new technology and legacy equipment. We are also experts in seamless integration of new and legacy equipment into comprehensive automation systems.

Our dynamic team has been supporting clients in various key sectors around Australia since 1989. We are proud of the robust solutions we achieve for our clients in their pursuit of optimal performance.

Remaining abreast and embracing new and innovative technology is a key element of our success. Doing so allows us to share breakthroughs with our clients, and rapidly adapt to their ever-evolving needs.

Our qualified team of electrical engineers, designers, tradespeople and support staff has a proven track record of success, and are committed to delivering streamlined solutions, always.

Instrumentation Capabilities

We leverage our own in-house expertise, as well as the knowledge of trusted and reliable suppliers who have worked with us for many years, to deliver instrumentation solutions.

Our capabilities in this area include:

  • Testing, commissioning, calibration and performance certification of instrument and control systems.
  • Accredited design, implementation and certification of safety instrumented and functional safety systems.
  • Procurement, installation and commissioning of a range of process sensors – including level, flow, temperature, pressure and position.
  • Chemical dosing and analysis equipment.
  • Providing equipment for motor control centres – for example, PLCs and energy management systems.
  • Fire, security and CCTV systems.
  • Developing instrumentation solutions tailored to your unique specifications and application.

Powering Your Success

Our people take immense pride in delivering exceptional standards of service backed by integrity, dependability and a commitment to working together with our clients.

When it comes to instrumentation, we power your success by:

  • Always achieving successful and reliable outcomes – even in remote or harsh environments throughout Australia.
  • Delivering results on even the most complex or large-scale project, so you yield the benefits of a more efficient system.
  • Maintaining impeccable safety standards, with nationally recognised qualifications, certifications and best practice, for your peace of mind.

Talk to us

For more information about our instrumentation solutions, please contact us. We are happy to tailor our services to match your specifications and budget, while remaining focused on quality and results, always.